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The I-tal Village is searching for a serious business partner to help to expand the current ecotourism resort
The proposal includes the building of another main guesthouse and two owners' cottages.

The additional guesthouse would better serve the market of group eco tourism, workshops and retreats, as the new building would serve 12 more guests with the option of two upscale suites.

The plans for the new guesthouse are similar to the designs of the existing building, with improvements: more guests rooms (with options of size), larger dining area, larger kitchen, storage spaces... larger unified roofing for rain collection..
The materials of construction will follow the same pattern of the existing building, as well:
concrete foundations and anchor walls ... treated lumber, bamboo details, glass louvered windows ... zinc roofing ...
the new main house
Learning from experience
The proposal also involves plans of smaller bamboo outbuildings for backpacking travelers, "hammock huts", terraced verandas for picnicing ... a sheltered amphitheater for workshop gatherings ..

We have planted the seeds for a fruitful ecotourism resort .. and now are growing ...
Our goal through this growth is to offer an ideal vacation at affordable rates in a beautiful environment, allowing the visitor to absorb nature, be opened up to the local cuture and mix with other travelers.

With the expansion of the current I-tal Village, we can provide tourists with more options of seclusion or group adventures, host workshop, seminars and retreats.
A new main house        

I-tal Vilage English Home Page | Home Page Italiana dell'I-tal Village

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