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Land and water sustainability

Another significant objective of the expansion of I-tal Village,
is to increase the resort's ability to sustain its water supply,
by using only rainwater ...
the proposed structures will provide sufficent roof area for the collection of such water.
Following the same philosophy of sustainability, the areas surounding all buildings can be used for cultivation ...
currently growing through the central space of the land are the following fruits: bananas, plantains, coconuts, ackee, juneplum, avocado, guava, breadfruit, etc.

With a bit more terracing, even more fruits and vegetables could be farmed ...
A gutter system will gather rainwater from the zinc roofing and direct it to one the four storage tanks, one above each floor level
(a tank for the private baths on the suite level, one for the baths on the second level, another for the kitchen, and the last under the veranda for maintenance purposes).

the natural septic tank of enzymes will be located under the first level.

Another large source of rainwater can also come from the roofing and tank system of the two villas on the top of the land ...

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I-tal Vilage English Home Page | Home Page Italiana dell'I-tal Village

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